CrucialObjectives is a web-based app that makes it simple and straightforward to assign and monitor employee progress on manager-assigned objectives. It helps employees plan meaningful “next” steps that must be done to attain each objectiveCrucialObjectives is a crisp and effective top-down Management by Objectives (MBO's) system.

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Once an employee is assigned an objective, he or she is asked to plan the crucial, high-level steps to accomplish the goal. CrucialObjectives helps employees to focus on the single crucial next step on each project while engaging the team’s manager in real time, leveraging the manager’s experience and wisdom. Procrastination is eliminated. The manager sees progress in near-realtime and can proactively coach employees that are getting bogged down.

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CrucialObjectives features real-time status, alerts, and reminders to save time now spent on weekly reviews and status updates. Importantly, the system differs from most corporate systems by keeping a DVR like history, enabling organization learning and seamless project hand-offs when employees change roles. Personnel assessments at the end of a quarter or year become simple and accurate.

Crucial Objectives | MBO Management-by-Objectives

Setting well-designed objectives and following up to make sure that people make significant weekly progress toward those objectives will make a big impact on your team’s achievements.

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