CrucialMissions is a web-based app that helps employees identify their most important projects, then plan the meaningful “first down” steps that must be done to succeed. 

Crucial Missions Brief 1

CrucialMissions is a bottom-up planning and execution system for knowledge-workers and their managers. Unlike task management and project management systems that invariably drown in minutia, CrucialMissions is simple and minimalistic, helping employees focus on the crucial next step on each project while engaging the team’s manager in near-realtime, leveraging his or her experience and wisdom.

Crucial Missions Brief 2

CrucialMissions features real-time status, alerts, and reminders to save time now spent on weekly reviews and status updates, while effectively eliminating procrastination. Importantly, the system differs from most corporate systems by keeping a DVR like history, enabling organization learning and seamless project hand-offs when employees change roles.

Importantly, because CrucialMissions is only concerned with the strategic progress, it takes minimal time to get your team up and running. Most teams are up and productive on the system in less than an hour.

Crucial Missions | Management, Not Project Management

Every crucial project needs a high-level plan. When you think things through, results improve. CrucialMissions makes it simple and straightforward to have a living, flexible, near-realtime plan.

Significantly improved focus on the top 20% delivers exponential better business results for your team.

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