CrucialMeetings is a web-based app that helps employees pre-plan meetings and then debrief after a meeting, collecting crucial details permanently. Planning is the key to better meetings, resulting in better information discovery, greater progress per meeting, and improved business momentum.

Crucial Meetings Brief 1

The truth is that most substantial corporate progress happens at a meeting. Unfortunately, many meetings become wasted opportunities when people arrive unprepared for a meaningful exchange, don’t ask good questions, don’t listen well, don’t take notes, and have no end-of-meeting goals in mind.

Crucial Meetings Brief 2

CrucialMeetings is a minimalistic and effective web-based system for pre-planning meetings. It focuses the employee on asking good questions and beginning with the end in mind. Once a plan is created, the manager has time to weigh in with coaching and collaboration. After the meeting, CrucialMeetings asks for a simple debrief, and unlike many corporate systems, it captures a permanent DVR-like record so that details can be recalled months or years later. The system offers excellent search capabilities to recall the right meeting details quickly.

Crucial Meetings | Meeting Planning and Debrief

CrucialMeetings can be used standalone or as a plug-in module with CrucialMissions and/or CrucialObjectives. Most projects require a number of meetings as part of the drive to success, so it is a natural fit with these project-oriented modules.

A team that uses CrucialMeetings benefits as the pace and quality of meetings improves, resulting in greater accomplishments.

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