CrucialArchives is a foundational subsystem to all our apps.

At most companies, corporate memory is very flawed and often mostly non-existent, unless a transaction is actually transacted. Even when there are transactions, the details that surround the deals are usually lost. Re-inventing the wheel happens far too often.

Crucial Archives

Lets take one example.  

Image that a sales rep, Joe Smithwick, has been working for five years, trying to win a new account, Gigantor Corporation. Over those five years, he has had several managers because one left for a competitor and his group was re-organized under another.  Unfortunately, although he comes close on several occasions, Joe never wins a deal at Gigantor and winds up leaving the firm.

A new rep, Samantha Smart, is assigned to work on Gigantor but she gets little to go on. Joe deleted most of his email and files over the years, turning over little. There are some minimal entries in the Salesforce CRM system, but many are outdated. Sam gets access to Joe's old email folders, but there are thousands of notes that camouflage any notes of real value. The manager is not much help as she has had this group for less than a year.

Crucial Archives - Corporate Project DVR

CrucialArchives, along with the CrucialManagement Suite changes the game. CrucialArchives acts as a digital recorder, a DVR of sorts, enabling the project owner to either report on any project or replay, step-by-step, all elements that were added. Nothing is missing, and everything is aligned by project, objective, meeting, or initiative.

Had Joe Smithwick been using CrucialMissions and CrucialMeetings, Samantha would have hit the ground running after just a few hours of study. The value of this cannot be overstated. 

Don't lose valuable time. Don't miss opportunities to learn and speed up progress. CrucialArchives changes the game, and it is included with all the components of the CrucialManagement Suite: it is our secret sauce.

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