Powerpoint presentations, pictures, Adobe PDFs, Microsoft Word docs and Excel spreadsheets -- there is no shortage of files used when we communicate.  These files and others complete the picture when it comes to having a CrucialMissions bottom-up strategic project, a CrucialObjectives top-down management initiative, or a CrucialMeetings plan stored where it can quickly be found and understood.

Crucial Attachments in the Cloud

CrucialAttachments is a great, low-cost option that can be used with any or all of our core components. When CrucialAttachments is activated, users can securely upload and store these files with their projects and plans.

No more lost attachments in the catacombs of e-mail or the maze of hard drive folders. We make secure cloud-based storage easy, linking files to projects. Files can be downloaded whenever needed to the user's workstation or by any manager in his or her chain of command.

Crucial Attachments - Secure Cloud Storage by Project

Importantly, when a project is reassigned to another employee, all the reference files come along for the ride.

Be organized, be happy, with CrucialAttachments.

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