CrucialManagement helps employees plan, distill, and focus on their next most important mission, by project, on a daily basis.  Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.


CrucialManagement makes effectiveness simple and straightforward. 


Key benefits of the CrucialManagement system include:


  • Our systems are designed to help employees focus on their most important projects. 

    Too often, busy-work eats up most of a person's hours, leaving little time for the 'big rock' items that make all the difference. With CruciaManagement, employees pre-plan their next meaningful steps on each of their top, strategic projects.

    CrucialMissions helps focus on bottom-up projects created by knowledge work professionals. Learn More.

    CrucialObjectives helps focus efforts on management assigned top-down objectives. Learn More.


Importantly, our system is easy to implement and use, with minimal data entry. We used best practices in creating a secure cloud implementation that works on a variety of popular devices:


Like concise white papers? Download our brief outlining Professional Focus Management.

Smart-phone optimized version of the brief - Professional Focus Management (Mobile Version).