CrucialMissions is a bottom-up, real-time system for planning, execution, status reporting, and history of crucial projects by employee.

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FocusCrucial Missions


CrucialObjectives is a top-down, real-time system for assignment, progress, status, and archive of projects for management-by-objectives teams.

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ExecuteCrucial Objectives


CrucialMeetings is a brilliantly simple, real-time system for planning, coaching for, debriefing, and keeping easily-searchable history of key meetings.

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ImproveCrucial Meetings

1. We believe that "good" things to do often get in the way of the "best" things to do. A person who invariably completes the "best" tasks will outpace the success of those who spend their time on "good" tasks.

2. We believe clarity of focus is rare in this age of internet-fueled distractions. Everyone and every app expects real-time engagement, although the noise is not important or urgent.

3. We believe 20% of a person's work results in 80% of true progress. Our software helps a person focus on that strategic 20%.

4. We believe a person who makes daily, meaningful and strategic progress -- at least one crucial "first-down" each day -- will become a top 10%'er in business success.

5. We believe planning, with an keen eye for prioritization during execution, is the key for making consistent, meaningful progress.


6. We believe our software must save the team and managers valuable time, while offering important operational benefits.

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