CrucialMissions is a bottom-up, real-time system for planning, execution, status reporting, and history of crucial projects by employee.

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FocusCrucial Missions


CrucialObjectives is a top-down, real-time system for assignment, progress, status, and archive of projects for management-by-objectives teams.

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ExecuteCrucial Objectives


CrucialMeetings is a brilliantly simple, real-time system for planning, coaching for, debriefing, and keeping easily-searchable history of key meetings.

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ImproveCrucial Meetings

We exist to accelerate your success as a manager, to help put your career on a new and improved trajectory, and to help your people succeed in their endeavors. 

The business world is full of distractions. The pace is ever quickening. Most technology, although well-intended, makes the job more complex.

CrucialManagement combats distractions, complexity, and low-value 'busy' work, helping people:
focus on what matters most,
+ build a discipline of planning crucial next steps, and
+ fostering a habit of execution excellence.

Our software is relentlessly simplified and streamlined to only the essential, helping knowledge workers see their missions and challenges more clearly. We save both the manager and the knowledge worker substantial time each week.

Efficiency is doing things right, while effectiveness is doing the right things. We help you and your employees become more effective, concentrating daily efforts on the right stuff.

Like concise white papers? Download our brief outlining Professional Focus Management.

Smart-phone optimized version of the brief - Professional Focus Management (Mobile Version).